DIY Car Care – You’ve Got This!

DIY Car Care – You’ve Got This!

9 Care Care Tips You Need to Complete Before Winter

  1. Check your fluids – Oil, Transmission, Windshield Washer, Power Steering (if your vehicle does not have electric power steering).
  2. Battery -Make sure the posts are cleaned.
  3. Tires – Make sure tread is good and air pressure
  4. Lights – Emergency, blinkers, headlight, tail lights, brake lights,  and reverse lights.
  5. Alignment
  6. Exhaust/HVAC
  7. Windshield Wipers Blades
  8. Brakes
  9. Belts, hoses, air filter


Check the oil! What parent hasn’t yelled that before their child embarks on a weekend journey?


I can appreciate that concern now that I am a parent. Additionally, as our family continues to acquire more and more used cars for our teenage drivers, I am always looking for the ‘original owner’ statement in the for sale ad. You, too? 

There is much to be said for how well your car will run if you take care of it by checking fluid levels and bringing it in for regular maintenance. 

I was speaking with a car dealership owner who shared that most cars on the road are at least 11 years old. I have owned several cars at least that old that had over 200,000 miles on them, and our beloved Chevy TrailBlazer rolled well over 300,000 miles. Yes, it helped that my mechanic lived directly across the street at that time. 🙂


Before the cooler weather hits, check out the nine things you need to have checked on your vehicle to help prevent otherwise preventable car issues during snowy and/or icy conditions. 


For those of us who would love to have a car without a car payment, that IS possible, but you MUST take care of your vehicle! We have created a DIY Monthly Car Care checklist for you to do just that. Buy it!

If you mark your calendar to complete this task the first weekend of every month, you can thank your future self right now! 


This low-cost, instant-download is the perfect way to track how your vehicle is doing. Keep copies in your car for comparison each month, so you can predict if a possible leak may begin. Buy it now!

We created this form and use it for all of our vehicles. As soon as the kids start driver’s training, they know how to perform each and every item on this checklist. We give them one car. Only one. It is their job to keep it running, fuel it and maintain it. 

Check out funonthehomestead.com for more cool DIY tips and tricks.

Drive on!


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