When Closets Vomit – and Other Signs it is Time to Declutter

When Closets Vomit – and Other Signs it is Time to Declutter

Signs it is Time to DECLUTTER

We all have at least one drawer, cabinet, closet, or room (perhaps it is even your car), that seems to vomit each time you dare open it or enter.

While this post is meant to bring light and fun to the act of decluttering, please know that these areas in our lives are true energy sucks. 

Quite literally, we dread them. 

The Time in Now to take your HOME Back from CLUTTER

We may even fear them (especially if we are throwing bills inside).


So, what is the FUN and EXCITING way to declutter?




If you have several areas screaming at you for decluttering, start with the least frightening one first. 

GRAB 4 – bags, totes, or baskets


Grab four bags, totes, or baskets, or just make room for four piles on the floor (actually three plus a garbage can – a large one – like kitchen-size or bigger). You will be dividing up the contents of your project into: KEEP, GIVE AWAY, GARBAGE and MOVE TO ANOTHER LOCATION.


RULES – 5 easy steps

  1. Begin with a BEFORE photo, and be certain to take a photo AFTER you have finished. Nothing like reveling in your success!

  2. You MAY play your favorite music, dance, laugh, and reminisce while you are doing this.
    “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie


  3. You MAY put everything in the garbage and/or give everything away


  4. You may NOT keep everything


  5. You may NOT just place everything into the MOVE pile. You need to deal with it. Today. Now. The MOVE pile is just for items that were misplaced.



Your goal is to decrease your ‘stuff’ by 30% or more. Shoot for 50%. Why? Because ‘stuff’ weighs us down. I am not going to get scientific and quote medical journals to prove this. If you have stuff you simply cannot part with, then keep it. Will photos keep the memory alive just as well? Take a photo, and move on to the next item.



Snap photos and share them with us!


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