DIY Cleaning for Cheap – Do You Have Sink Stink?

DIY Cleaning for Cheap – Do You Have Sink Stink?

Do you have sink stink?

Do you dread turning on the faucet because of the foul smell that hits your nose? Use this easy DIY trick to solve that now!

If you have no idea what I am talking about…move right along to another DIY post. If you do, then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

This hack is absolutely perfect for the DIY’r because you probably already have these low-cost products sitting in your cabinet somewhere. I am amazed how well it instantly works. It also reminds me of an old school science experiment from after school TV. Read on…



1 cup salt

1 cup baking soda

2 cups vinegar

1 container that will hold at least 3 cups (I like to use Ball canning jars because they are already marked for accurate measuring)


Remove the stopper from the sink 

Mix salt with baking soda in the container of your choice

Pour the mixture down the drain

Follow immediately with the vinegar

This will cause an immediate fizzing reaction (think Snap, Crackle, Pop) 

About 15 minutes later, use hot water to wash it down. 

That is seriously all there is to it. I know, right?! I just repeat as often as needed.

This post is NOT for clogged sinks. If you have a clogged sink and you have already tried liquid helpers, go out and get yourself this – the Liquid-Plumr Hydro-Pressure Plunger for sinks and drain clogs. It is great. It is NOT great if you have teenage girls in the house who shed over the sink. Then you just need to take the plumbing apart and dig out the mice-sized hair clogs trapped inside.

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DIY Cleaning for Cheap – The Dreaded Stove Top Vent

DIY Cleaning for Cheap – The Dreaded Stove Top Vent

DIY Cleaning for Cheap – The Dreaded Stove Top Vent – Step by Step How to Clean Instructions

I was almost too embarrassed to do a blog post for this oven vent screen because mine was so filthy!

A friend told me that I would be able to clean it using only boiling water with baking soda, so I decided to try it out.

You are supposed to submerge your filthy screen into a metal pot with just enough boiling water to cover it, but my screen would not even fit into my largest pot. The reason you want to use a metal pot is because the metal screen will scratch the sides of any non-stick material. I found this cute metal serving tray, which fit the bill just fine. I have the screen dirty-side-up for the picture, but you MUST turn the screen dirty-side-down when you pour over the water/baking soda mixture.


Baking Soda
Large Metal Pot
Tongs to remove the scalding hot screen from the boiling water
Oven Mitts (if you need to pour the water over the screen into the tray like I did)
A large metal tray to soak the screen if it will not fit into the metal pot


Boil the water
Add ¾ to 1 cup (8 oz) of baking soda to the water
It will bubble like the picture
Turn off the heat

Pour the mixture over the screen in the tray (or submerge the screen completely into the pot of boiling water)

Leave standing for 5-8 minutes

Remove using tongs to prevent burning yourself – the metal gets VERY hot!

Pour out the yucky water

Ta da!

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