Self Care is Selfless and Essential

Self Care is Selfless and Essential

Self-care is both selfless and essential to our health.


We cannot perform at 100% if we do not take the time to check in with ourselves to see where we need some extra love and support. We MUST do this for ourselves; no one will do this for us.

Make a goal to set aside AT LEAST one day each week to re-set in order to focus on filling yourself back up and to acknowledge yourself for being the amazing person you are.

Self care comes in various forms. Consider what you might be needing by asking yourself, “What am I missing? Am I feeling stuck, lost, scattered, bogged down, apathetic, overwhelmed, or anxious?”

Consider the following:

I feel stuck! 

Then get MOVING: walk, run, swim, bike, hike

I feel lost!

Then take CONTROL by decluttering, rearranging a room, deep cleaning a drawer or room, and/or completing a long-standing item on your To Do List.

I feel scattered!

Then focus on BEING PRESENT with yoga, meditation, and/or deep breathing. Download an app on your phone if you do not have access otherwise.

I feel bogged down!

Then EXFOLIATE with a hot bath and body scrub, manicure, foot soak, and pedicure, and/or facial.

I feel overwhelmed!

Then RELAX by journaling, writing a list of things you are grateful for, reading a book, and/or watching a favorite movie.

I feel uninspired and apathetic!

Then get your CREATIVE juices flowing by working on a hobby, creating a vision board, and/or making a list of positive affirmations to place all-around your home.

I feel anxious!

Then seek COMFORT. You can do any of the items above, coupled with a warm blanket, your favorite food, and/or taking a long nap.

White Teeth on a $5 Budget!

White Teeth on a $5 Budget!

Love white teeth but hate to pay the high cost of whitening strips that only whiten the front of a few of your teeth?

This hack is absolutely perfect for the DIY’r because you probably already have these low-cost products sitting in your cabinet somewhere. You are going to create a low-cost mixture that is great to use weekly to keep the entire surface area of all of your teeth whitened.


1 tsp baking soda

½ tsp hydrogen peroxide

1 squirt of your favorite toothpaste



Mix the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste together in a clean container.

Use the mixture to brush the entire surface area of all teeth. 

This should take at least two minutes. 

Rinse, and enjoy the results!


If your gums become sensitive while you are brushing them, immediately rinse your mouth with water. This whitening DIY trick is NOT recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

That is seriously all there is to it. I know, right?! 

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DIY Cleaning for Cheap – Do You Have Sink Stink?

DIY Cleaning for Cheap – Do You Have Sink Stink?

Do you have sink stink?

Do you dread turning on the faucet because of the foul smell that hits your nose? Use this easy DIY trick to solve that now!

If you have no idea what I am talking about…move right along to another DIY post. If you do, then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

This hack is absolutely perfect for the DIY’r because you probably already have these low-cost products sitting in your cabinet somewhere. I am amazed how well it instantly works. It also reminds me of an old school science experiment from after school TV. Read on…



1 cup salt

1 cup baking soda

2 cups vinegar

1 container that will hold at least 3 cups (I like to use Ball canning jars because they are already marked for accurate measuring)


Remove the stopper from the sink 

Mix salt with baking soda in the container of your choice

Pour the mixture down the drain

Follow immediately with the vinegar

This will cause an immediate fizzing reaction (think Snap, Crackle, Pop) 

About 15 minutes later, use hot water to wash it down. 

That is seriously all there is to it. I know, right?! I just repeat as often as needed.

This post is NOT for clogged sinks. If you have a clogged sink and you have already tried liquid helpers, go out and get yourself this – the Liquid-Plumr Hydro-Pressure Plunger for sinks and drain clogs. It is great. It is NOT great if you have teenage girls in the house who shed over the sink. Then you just need to take the plumbing apart and dig out the mice-sized hair clogs trapped inside.

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Looking for a practical baby shower gift?

Looking for a practical baby shower gift?


You have downloaded the registry to the upcoming baby shower, and you just don’t want to buy a pacifier, diapers, burp cloths, formula, or Desitin, right?

You are looking for a unique, but still very vital, item that these new parents-to-be will appreciate for years to come. But what could that be?

No new parents know what they are doing. They learn through immersion. They can prepare all they want, but until they personally meet and know that new bundle of love, every cry, coo, whimper and whine means something…but what?!

Is baby hungry? In need of changing? Sick?

What happens when baby does get sick? What then? Will Mom and Dad know what to do? 


  • No one knows baby as well as Mom or Dad, so no one can advocate better.
  • Children get hurt. They get sick. Will Mom or Dad be able to remember all medical information, allergies, diagnoses, and medications immediately in case of a medical emergency?
  • The babysitter is caring for baby while Mom or Dad is working, and an emergency happens. Does the caregiver know everything he/she needs to know about the child’s health history, allergies and medications, so he/she can obtain medical care?

This is an instant download. You need only print this record keeper and place it in a three-ring binder (not included). 

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STOP Stinky Foot Odor in its Tracks!

STOP Stinky Foot Odor in its Tracks!

Do you or a loved one suffer from stinky foot odor? Stinky feet are optional!

How to get rid of stinky feet.

My husband has been coaching football for over 20 years now, and he can ruin a good pair of tennis shoes one day out in a rainy practice. Fortunately, I know just how to tackle foot odor!

You probably have these ingredients at home already!

Gather Your Supplies

All you need is blue Listerine, distilled vinegar, water, and a basin for soaking. My husband happens to wear a size 18 shoe, so we have to use TWO basins for him! We got these white ones at the local dollar store.

Prepare the Magical Concoction

Mix 1 cup Listerine, 1 cup vinegar, and 4 cups of very warm to as-hot-as-you-can-stand-it water.

This is all you need to stop stinky food odor in its tracks.

Hope this helps all of you with kids in sports, too!

Soak feet often to keep stinky foot odor away!

Check out more cool, inexpensive DIY tricks at funonthehomestead.com.

Your Child Has a Life-Threatening Illness – A Child’s Health Record Keeper Makes All the Difference

Your Child Has a Life-Threatening Illness – A Child’s Health Record Keeper Makes All the Difference

Why do I need a Child’s Health Record Keeper?

  • No one knows your child as you do, so no one can advocate for your child as you can.
  • Children get hurt. They get sick. Will you be able to remember all of your child’s medical information, allergies, diagnoses, and medications immediately in case of a medical emergency?
  • Should your child acquire a life-threatening pediatric illness, such as cancer, heart disease, or a traumatic brain injury, do you have all of his/her medical information compiled and readily available? Every second is precious. Be certain to guard yours.
  • The babysitter is caring for your child(ren) while you are away, and an emergency happens. Does your sitter know everything he/she needs to know about your child(ren’s) health history, allergies and medications, so he/she can obtain medical care on behalf of your child?

What Do I Know About Life-Threatening Illnesses?

I battle chronic health issues for a living. I have earned my stripes. It is my daily grind. Since fall 2015, I have had:

  • A TIA (mini-stroke), which led to
  • An adrenal crisis (and coma) → since diagnosed as Addison’s Disease
  • Lyme Disease 
  • Fibromyalgia (daily, chronic pain)
  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (too much pressure in my brain results in severe migraines, facial numbness, vision loss, ringing ears)

Needless to say, I have learned from personal experience (and from meeting A LOT of terrible doctors) that no one can (or will for that matter) advocate for your health better than YOU. Unless you are caring for a loved one (sick parent or child). In that case, yep, it’s still YOU! 

Unfortunately, I barely lived to tell you this story today. Read more about it in this article – In Case of a Medical Emergency

My Son Acquired Lyme Disease:
As a 3rd grader, he was swallowing 22 pills a day!

When our three kids were small, we bought a foreclosed home that we tore down to the studs. While my husband and I worked inside, we would send our children out to play in the backyard.

The former homeowner was a homebound senior citizen, who had not stepped foot into her backyard in about 20 years. What did that mean? Well, that is where our son was bitten by a tick. 

He never developed the bullseye rash (only 70% of victims ever do). Instead, he complained of his ear hurting. He had three sets of tubes in his ears by this age, so I figured his tube must have fallen out and he had developed an ear infection. He ALWAYS knew when he had an ear infection, so I took him to the doctor without looking into his ear.

When we met with the pediatrician, she looked into his ear and found the tick EMBEDDED into his ear! It had to have been there at least three days, as it was completely swollen. After the doctor removed the tick, I demanded it be tested for Lyme. They failed to do so. 

Thus began the long and arduous process of waiting over six weeks for my son to develop symptoms in order to test and then have him treated. 

In that period of time, I took his temperature daily. I tracked his fluid intake and outtake. I watched his energy levels and sleeping patterns. I asked him daily about any pain he was having. I inspected his body from head to toe for rashes, scabs or additional ticks. It was exhausting and nerve-wracking, as I watched my child languish. 

As his symptoms steadily worsened through the weeks, I took all of my tracked information and all of my son’s past medical history to a Lyme literate doctor. With one look at all of my data and information, he was confident that we could begin his treatment while awaiting what ended up being a positive Lyme disease result.

My son began taking 22 pills every single day at the age of eight. Yes, eight years old. For nine months, he was on a strict regimen of medications, and he missed well over a month of school due to his symptoms.

I was so grateful I had tracked his health symptoms and had time to prepare his medical records for his Lyme doctor to effectively treat him. I don’t want you to EVER be in this situation, especially with your child, who cannot advocate on his/her own behalf.

The best way to create a relationship with your child’s doctor is to be completely organized with his/her health care with this Child’s Health Record Keeper, so you are able to answer all their questions immediately.

Health Symptom Tracker

Symptom tracking is VITAL if your child has an undiagnosed illness. If he/she has been struggling with physical health issues and has not obtained an accurate diagnosis, you need the Health Symptom Tracker.

My sister was an ICU nurse at a renowned New England hospital before she developed serious autoimmune issues. She was the master-mind behind the Health Symptom Tracker. I recommend the Daily Health Symptom Tracker if your child’s symptoms fluctuate or the Weekly Health Symptom Tracker if symptoms are chronic and remain consistent. 

It is easy-to-use (simply circle the symptom) and is categorized according to which body system is ailing your child. If several of your child’s symptoms are circled in a certain body system, you would want to see a specialist once you have about six week’s symptoms collected. Do you see how helpful this would be to a specialist, rather than costing you an expensive ‘start from scratch’ visit with a ‘let’s wait and see’ approach?

Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency or Health Crisis

I understand how expensive it can be to be chronically ill, so I have made BOTH the Daily or Weekly Health Symptom Trackers and the Child’s Health Record Keeper completely affordable. They are available as instant downloads, so you do not have to wait to have something delivered. You can start right now, today, taking charge of your child’s health!

You take these with you to every doctor’s appointment. Not a second of time is wasted with the physician, as you will be able to answer each and every question he/she has – and there is even a spot for you to put questions YOU have for him/her.

From personal information to lab work, medications, allergies, and more, you will be ready at a moment’s notice to walk out the door. In case of an emergency, simply grab your Child’s Health Record Keeper, and doctors will be all set to manage your health care crisis. You just need a three-ring binder size of your choice (not included). 

Get yours today to ensure you are always prepared for any of your child’s illnesses and injuries that happen to show up.

This is also a perfect baby shower gift for new parents!

Check out our Fun on the Homestead online store for more great products!

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